Purpose, ESG & DEI

Purpose and Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) have far more depth and dimension than previously addressed. Purpose and DEI are embedded in the “G” and “S” of ESG providing both the foundation and the heartbeat that brings sustainability to life.

Purpose defines the reason an organization exists. It also defines why a human being exists. Human performance is directly tied to one’s intrinsic belief in their inherent purpose.  To create meaningful and satisfying work experiences, as well as to create sustainable engagement, requires that organizational purpose intersects in a value-driven way based on each stakeholder’s purpose.  People who live their company purpose daily through their own life purpose actioned through their strengths fuel sustainability.

ESG metrics are impacted by how employees views have changed.

Past and Future Views

DEI is about focusing on purpose.  Purpose drives strategy of a company.  Execution of strategy can be measured by specific key performance indicators, and strategy is at the core of governance, the “G” in ESG.  To download the full publication, click [here].