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The expectations of financial markets are changing as investors increasingly want to see ESG performance data. When sustainability leverages environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) factors, it gives investors confidence. It ensures that relevant issues are not hidden below the surface of a current or potential target investment.

When leadership communicates a focus on ESG principles, it leads to a more engaged workforce and positions the company for the future. Relevant Sustainability Reporting™ links strategy to ESG data and financial performance – validating commitment to ESG principles and communicating sustainability as a priority for the company. This relevant approach allows seamless integration of familiar business activities and metrics.

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✓ Companies that need help in evaluating current ESG strategies and reporting readiness can leverage ESG Lynk to create an initial ESG Readiness Assessment.

✓ Companies comfortable with their ESG data collection and messaging are ready for ESG Lynk to create a Relevant Sustainability Report suitable for presenting to investors.

✓ Companies that have an existing ESG reporting strategy can engage ESG Lynk to enhance their positioning by making it Relevant and creating the link between ESG data and financial performance.


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