Engaging with Suppliers to Meet Sustainability Goals

Companies are often exposed to the business risks of their supply chain.

Through the identification of financially-material ESG metrics that link to a Company’s strategy, an organization can strengthen supplier relationships while supporting the attainment of its own sustainability goals.


Companies who incorporate ESG metrics into their purpose and strategy enhance their stakeholder relationships, which provides for improved market value over the long-term. Publicly disclosing ESG matters and engaging through the supply chain will:

‣ build a stronger corporate brand
‣ enhance competitive value of both the company
and the participating supply chain
‣ accelerate attainment of sustainability goals
‣ promote sustainable profitability
‣ aid in the supplier selection process
‣ help suppliers obtain access to capital
‣ strengthen supplier relationships while
supporting the global economy

How we help

ESG Lynk helps businesses efficiently lead their sustainable supply chain programs and measure progress by:

✓ designing data collection processes from suppliers.
✓ training suppliers on sustainability reporting practices.
✓ aligning supplier-specific ESG metrics and goals to those of the sponsor organization.

We utilize our experience with SEC reporting and internal control framework to integrate financially- material ESG data into the sustainability reporting process.

What to report

ESG Lynk simplifies the process of collecting and reporting supplier sustainability data by:
• providing a customized solution based on company strategy and maturity in the sustainability reporting process
• focusing on the ESG metrics that directly link to financial drivers
• focusing on financially-material information specific to the industry to deliver a customized solution
• gradually implementing relevant metrics in the reporting process